How does dehydrating work?

What optional extra's are available?

What is the difference between the 4926 and 4948 9 tray models?

How do I rehydrate dehydrated fruits and vegetables?

Properly dried foods rehydrate well. They return practically to their original size, form and appearance.

How do I store dehydrated food?

Containers for dried foods should be safe from moisture and insects. Glass jars with tightly fitted lids, plastic zip-lock and vacuum/heat-sealable bags are recommended storage containers. Food-safe metal cans, such as coffee cans or cookie tins, may be used to store individual bags for extra protection.

Your dried foods should be stored in a cool, dark and dry area. The ideal temperature for food storage is 50º - 60ºF/10º - 16ºC. Storing foods in this manner further protects the flavors and colors of your dried products from fading.