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Dried Persimmons
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Brighten your day with these Dried persimmons which are delicious on their own but go well with a hot cup of tea on a winter's day, or they can jazz up any cheese board.
Dried Figs
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Did you know that figs belong to the Mulberry family? Add chopped dried figs to your favorite desserts or baked goods. Combine dried figs with goat cheese to make a delicious pizza at home.
Dried Papaya
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Dried papaya is a healthy snack the whole family can enjoy.
Dried Raspberries
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Prep: 10 mins

Dehydrate: 7 hrs

Sweet Tangy Dried Mango
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Prep: 20 mins

Dehydrate: 12 hrs

Dried Cantaloupe
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Prep: 10 mins

Dehydrate:18 hrs